1st Christmas Concert

I’m about to hop on the freeway after loading kind into the van after school pick up and Kaylee starts talking about hair and dress option for her mandatory concert tonight. WHAT?!?!?!

I forgot to write it down on the calendar (face palm), missed the reminder flyer, and had %100 forgotten all about it. I totally flipped out. I called Sally in a panic got the low down, called Jon, and then apologized to kids.

So Kaylee had her first mandatory (music grade) concert tonight.  We had a good view of the back of Kaylee’s head while waiting for her turn to sing.

It was a pretty cute concert. Kaylee was nervous and excited. She did really great. Jon is loving how short she is. ALWAYS in the front. It makes picture taking easier. 🙂IMG_2521

Bonus was getting to see friends. Olivia was SO funny. I love that girl.IMG_2535 IMG_2556Aaaand this is how Regan felt about the concert. Next year he has to be in it. Holy tears. He did not enjoy himself at all. Regan is not looking forward to school music concerts……

Super happy that Jon was on camera duty. I had my hand full of crabby Regan.

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