Pirate party

Kaylee was a little disappointed when we got home from being rescued off the side of the road. I told her I just didn't think I could do one more thing today. She understood, after all she was there for the puke and fire! But she was disappointed. And then the Mama guilt set in….

IMG_3197Aunt Emily to the rescue! I called Emily and she had not left for the party yet. YEA! So she swung by the house and picked up Kaylee. Kaylee was on cloud nine.

IMG_3199Emily's sweet heart of a niece Becca and Kaylee get along smashingly. Kaylee was so excited when she was invited to Becca's pirate birthday party. And even more excited to actually be able to go.

IMG_3200She was beyond DONE when she got home that night. Emily not only took Kaylee to the party, but she fed her lunch and dinner too. In all the craziness I totally forgot to feed my child lunch!

So a giant thank you to Emily for saving the day!


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