whip it, whip it good! and other AWESOMENESS!

These two whipped each other around for a good ten minuets.

We had a really fun cousin sleepover on Friday night. Six kiddos under seven. Two of those under one. And one potty training. Would we do it again? Heck ya! Pizza, Monkey Ball, Movies… Does life get any better?

Hard as it is to imagine? Yes, it gets way better! We were so blessed to not only attended Cassie Joan’s baptism, but be part of it by way of giving the prayers. I gave the opening and Jon the closing. Cassie was the only baptism in her steak this month so it really was a day all about her. So much fun!

Then we were super duper blessed to be able to go to the Temple with Barry. It’s such an AWESOME feeling being in such a holey place with your family. My Aunt Maggie and cousin Kelly watched our sweet babies so we could both go through for Barry’s first time. We thought one of us would have to stay behind, and are so grateful for Maggie and Kelly watching the kids. Sam had to rush to work, and Jamie off to home. So those two missed the photo op.

I appliqued this tie onto a onesi for Regan. I wanted him to have a church outfit, but also wanted the outfit to be comfy. Plus being strapped for cash = get creative. I’m making him a few more. We got lots of compliments on his cute outfit. I loved not having to mess with collars, ties, or vests. Regan was comfy, cute, and happy. I was happy too.

5 thoughts on “whip it, whip it good! and other AWESOMENESS!

  1. Jerris Heaton

    That’s looks like so much fun! I bet the cousins had a great time. Good for Barry for making that choice in his life. We are happy for him! Love the tie on Regan’s shirt.

  2. Duh Despains

    I did the same thing with chase! We did skinny ties, fat ties, crazy ties – coordinating ties with his sister… it was lots of fun. Regans is so cute! I miss them 🙁


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