***Our Adoption Letter***

Welcome! Thank you for taking time to learn about our family.
Things to note – We are a close nit family. Like a large rowdy crazy bunch of love. We’ve got it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome. Also our friends are included in that loud awesome mix. The more the merrier. We try to be an open book and are not afraid to answer questions. So if you have any feel free to fire away. 🙂 For a better at a glance look into our crazy life check out this page here – http://jonandjanice.com/about-us/not-so-random-family-photos/
Jon and I met through our best friends Matt and Angie. They knew we would be perfect for each other, and worked hard playing matchmaker until Jon and I saw what they saw. It took me longer to realize that we were perfect for each other than it did for Jon.  He patiently waited for me to see what everyone else saw.

We were married in the St. George, Utah LDS Temple in April of 2006. A few months after being married we decided it was time to start our family.  It took us longer than we had expected, and we experienced several miscarriages before we were able to become parents.

We were able to have two children with the help of lots drugs and two wonderful OB’s and their staff.  After a long and painful (physical/emotional) struggle we were blessed by our first miracle, our  Kaylee.   She was followed in similar fashion by our second miracle, Regan.

Due to the high risk nature of our pregnancies, and the fact that it was always part of our plans (pre-marriage family planning) we have decided that now is the time for another miracle to join our family. This time through the blessing and miracle that is adoption.

About Jon (from Janice)-
Jon is an easy going person.  He makes friends fast, and is always willing to help those in need. He works in I.T.  He has a strong work ethic, and he enjoys learning new things to help him work more efficiently. He likes to keep up on current events and politics, and being informed on what is going on in the world. In his spare time he likes to hang out with family. He enjoys building and  flying his remote controlled air planes/copters, playing with the children, and playing online games with his brothers and cousins.
 One of the things that made me fall in love with Jon was that he wanted his wife to be a stay at home Mom.  His Mother worked full time, and he missed having her around. So it was very important to him that his children have a stay at home Mom. And although it hasn’t always been easy and he has had to work longer hours on occasion to make it possible, he has always made sure that I could stay at home full time with the children. Which is what I always wanted for me.
jack'ee's.shower 005
Jon loves being a Dad.  In fact when we first got married he told me how he envisioned coming home from work and the children rushing him with squeals of delight. He requested that I teach the children how to be excited when Daddy comes home. So I did with Kaylee. When she was a baby I would help her clap and be excited about Jon coming home. She in turn taught Regan through example.
 It is so fun to see all their faces when Jon opens the front door. He always has his arms stretched wide to catch them as they fling themselves at him ready to play. And they do this, EVERY day, and he loves it.  He says that it’s the very best part of his day.
About Janice (from Jon)-
Janice is the most caring person I have ever met.  For as long as I have known her she has wanted to be a stay at home mom.  She read tons of parenting books before we got married and worked for an early head-start and early intervention organization.  They trained moms about child care, hygiene, health care, and provided a variety of services for children with disabilities.  It was a great training ground for her becoming a mother.
One thing that I love about Janice is that she makes a very big deal about the kid’s birthdays.  Every year she makes a custom piñata for the birthday party.  For nieces, nephews, and friends too.  It’s really fun watching her come up with the idea for the piñata that fits the theme of the party.  She gets very creative and it is always a joy watching the kids smash it for the candy.


About Kaylee-
Kaylee is just about eight years old and our oldest. She is a pretty stereotypical result of what one might imagine for a redhead and Hispanic offspring.  She LOVES being a sister and is ridiculously excited to have more siblings. She makes us laugh every day.  Kaylee enjoys spending time in the workshop building things with Jon. She loves learning new things, dance, and karate, and her favorite place to be is in her thinking chair drawing blueprints for her inventions.  She is anxiously waiting for her other sibling(s) to come home.  137
About Regan-
Regan is our six year old snuggle bug.  A little boy is the best way to describe him. He is our child that views the world in black and white. He loves school, his friends, reading, any wii game, sword play (foam swords) and karate. This last year he has been an amazing big brother to our three foster children. Particularly to the baby. She had him wrapped around her little finger. He is very much looking forward to being a permanent big brother.
 As a family we love all things space/sci-fi  related.  Some of our favorite shows are sci-fi, and we like to keep up on NASA.  We used to stay up late to watch the space shuttle launch before it was retired, and are continuing that same tradition with SpaceX launches. We also love to play as a family.


Whether we are just hanging out around the house or going on an adventure, we love just being together.
 Should you decide to place with our family, your child will always know of your love, as well as our love and respect for you. We are committed to keeping you updated on their growth and progress through pictures/letters/e-mails/Facebook/phone calls or in any way that is most comfortable for you. We hope to build a friendship with you and just be one big family. We know that relationships take time and effort and are committed to putting forth the time and effort to having a healthy relationship with you and your family.

We have always had great respect for birth parents and families, and as we have started our search for our child that respect has grown into love and gratitude. We hope you find peace and comfort as you make plans (whatever they may be) for you and your child.

With love, Jon, Janice, Kaylee,  and Regan
family photo 9.21.12

Contact info:

Call or e-mail us- (888) 591-0028



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