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Zoo with the Littles

I didn’t get the camera out quick enough to get the hugs! 🙁 But all the smiles. I got those!

We were so lucky to be able to spend some time with our sweeties and their family. Zoo fun for everyone. Regan was still in pretty rough shape post skin infection so he was stick a fork in him done before everyone else. So we left earlier than we had planned, but it was still such a great day.

IMG_5298 IMG_5301 IMG_5303 IMG_5305 IMG_5307 IMG_5308 IMG_5316 IMG_5317

She didn’t want to up the giraffe tower and let everyone know it. HA. IMG_5327 IMG_5329

All the hand holding. All the LOVE. IMG_5330

Be still my heart. Regan has sure missed his little bother and was just beyond happy to see him.IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5333 IMG_5341 IMG_5344 IMG_5345

She let me wear her for a bit. Which I LOVED. But this ones a runner and baby wearing didn’t last too long.IMG_5360 IMG_5366 IMG_5372 IMG_5381 IMG_5383 IMG_5384 IMG_5385 IMG_5387 IMG_5390 IMG_5395

This little girl was all sorts of kissy face to all of us. IMG_5399 IMG_5401

This was about when Regan was past done. His feet hurt so bad from the blasted infection and he was super tired. So I was happy that our Monkey girl could put such a happy smile on his face.IMG_5402

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how much he loves his Mom. I can’t even tell you. Just LOVE.


When Jon asked for a goodbye kiss she was all bout teasing him. “No!” and then laughing SO hard. Then she smacked one right on his kisser! IMG_5406 IMG_5410Saying goodbye sucked though. It always does. I kept it together until I got to the van. So that’s at least something. We were all a little weepy the rest of the weekend.

1st grade Zoo trip

The first grade field trip was the last day before Thanksgiving break. Jon had asked for the day off so he could help me get all packed up. So we packed up the night before and went on her field trip as chaperons. It was Jon’s first time being a parent on a field trip. 🙂
IMG_2065 IMG_2069 IMG_2097

Kaylee found the tortoise very stinky.IMG_2101

We found the rhino lizard. Basically it’s Liz from The Magic School Bus. Awesome. I may have been more excited about it than the girls….IMG_2114 IMG_2118

We had Kaylee and another girl from her class in our group. She took a bunch of pictures for us. Some turned out. Others not so much. 🙂IMG_2121 IMG_2122 IMG_2124 IMG_2127 IMG_2129 IMG_2131 IMG_2132 IMG_2135 IMG_2142 IMG_2148 IMG_2152

Jon and I filled out the class work while the girls gave us their answers. Kaylee took this one of us working.IMG_2158

And of this duck as it walked by.IMG_2159 IMG_2161 IMG_2163 IMG_2165 IMG_2172 IMG_2194

The baboons were especially friendly.IMG_2195 IMG_2200 IMG_2213

I do like going on school trips and am so happy Jon got to come on this one. It was worth the late night getting the van loaded for our Utah trip.

Prescott zoo

The first day of spring break was on St. Patrick's day. We took a road trip up to Prescott zoo for a day of fun. Kaylee did minimal walking and really enjoyed herself despite still being uncomfortable post surgery.







Kaylee was pleased with her stroller buddy. "Baby Isaac is the cutest baby EVER!" She is not alone in her assessment. 








We got to watch the bear eat his lunch.


My wonderful companions on this fun adventure.




She only got so far into the reptile house before bailing. She was fine with the arachnid house.




The free roaming peacocks were my favorite.











IMG_1355 IMG_1360 IMG_1367

My little miss was being silly when I asked if it was a thumbs up or down day. Oh, the giggles.