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A holiday photo miracle. Kinda

So, I’m kinda obsessed with taking picture of my world. If you know me then it’s not new information. You can only imagine my excitement when I found out that family photos were happening for BOTH side of our family!!!! It’s been years. And I have been super bugged that it’s not been happening because of life situations. Living far apart, work, blah, blah, blah.

All of Jon’s siblings were going to be in So UT for Thanksgiving this year. However sadly two of Jon’s Brothers-in-law had to work. 🙁 But for how huge his side is it’s amazing that this was able to happen at all.

siblings grandkids

Regan’s ginger hair is a flame with the sun. And in the big family photo 20 out of 21of the kids are looking AT the camera! Miracle. And holey geeze. It was FREEZING! The wind. It was killer. We counted down then tossed coats off. Family Photo

My parents and younger siblings come down to AZ for Christmas this year. So the day after Christmas we got to do photos with my side. It was another COLD windy day. The last time I had sibling photos done I had bond pixie hair. It’s been a few year. I was super happy about getting new ones.IMG_3456 IMG_3486 copy

Regan was FROZEN. The wind was blowing so hard his eyes were watering. The wind didn’t even phase Logan. Also Jack’ee has decided the the boots and braces are just snow board training. 😉IMG_3471