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New Years Eve

We decided that since we miss Aunt Linda’s new years eve navajo tacos SOOOOO much (almost as much as we miss her) we would try and make our own for new years eve this year.

Not gonna lie, we were a little bit scared.

The kids pretended to wait patiently for dinner. AND it was worth it.

SO good. Not Aunt Linda good, but still so yummy. We played some fun games with Jack’ee and Jason.

As per tradition the Kreyling (Barerra) girls banged in the new year while the boys looked on in abject horror and unbridled amusement. Frieoworks? Nope. Pots, pans and spoons? Yes please.Also Regan passed out well before midnight. He gets closer every year to making it. It’s never been an issue for our night owl Kaylee though.