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Adventures in Foster Respite

Wednesday morning I got a phone call from our foster agency.

“I see you both are Medically Fragile certified. Are you available this weekend to provide respite for an NG tube baby?”

“Uhhhhh….. We took the training, but we’ve never done anything like that before….. We are available this weekend. I’ll have to check with my Husband.”

“I’ll have his foster mom call you and chat about it.”


Then I called Jon. He was fine with it. I was terrified. Pretty much sums up our relationship.

After a LOONG phone call with his foster mom I decided to go for it. She came by Thursday afternoon to give us training and go over all his daily medical stuff.

Turns out it wasn’t scary or hard. Just new and different. That seems to be how life goes. New is scary, until you do it and then not so much. Also Jon handled all his machine stuff. I’m cool with meds, but machines kinda are more his department. So I did all the meds and Jon did the nightly machine stuff.

This little guy that we got to love on for a few days was SOOOOOOOO cute. Tiny and little and new. We all decided that it was so nice having a baby in the house again. Sleep depriving, but so nice.IMG_4186 IMG_4209Our little weekend visitor’s favorite position was just like this on Jon’s belly. Or laying on my chest. We don’t have pictures of that though.