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Ronon Flynn’s first birthday party

A year ago around this time I was planning Monkey girl’s fist birthday party. I was a hot crying emotional mess. Severance had already happened and we were just living in limbo waiting for their parents to be found.

I was planing RJ and Vivi’s parties as well. And kinda mad. Nope. Just mad. Mad that they were in limbo. Mad that their parents were going to miss first, second, and fifth birthdays. Every first that these kids had for the year we loved them I wondered about their first and future Mom. Whoever and wherever she was/is she was missing first steps, words, adventures…

And then I started thinking about our missing person and wondering how many of their special days and moments we had already missed. I was a hot mess this time last year.

And then we brought Ronon home. He wasn’t walking yet. He only had a few words. He hadn’t had his first birthday yet. It was like a special gift from heaven. Yes, we missed lots of firsts. But not all of them.

And you know what? Even if we had missed all the firsts I am starting to realize that that would have been just fine. Our missing person is home exactly when he was supposed to come.

Waiting on Heavenly Father’s time is hard. But He knows just what I need as a Mom. I cherished all of the missed firsts for a year for three Moms. They are engraved into my heart for ever.

And ALL of Ronon’s firsts that I do get to have are even more special for the knowledge that I am blessed and lucky to witness his firsts.

Happiest first birthday party baby!


Obviously I went with a DC comics superhero theme with an emphasis on The Flash. Because for four years we waited and looked for our missing person and then like a flash it all came together and suddenly he was home. Plus we REALLY like DC comics.img_9420 img_9421

Kaylee and Regan pulled out some of their action figures to decorate the cupcake stand. Regan’s baby flash was perfect for Ronon’s cupcake topper.img_9422 img_9423

The pin the game that no one played…. I keep telling my kids that I’m not going to make them anymore, but they beg. And then a game gets made and not used. And I like them for decor so…img_9424

I ran out of red dye so we used the red sprinkles instead. I should have just made another run to the store. Oh well.img_9427

Pinata and pinata bags. This was one of my best pinatas to date. img_9428 img_9429

Kaylee and Regan colored all the hero symbols for the banner wall. They were so excited to help for baby’s first party.img_9432

Sweet Baboo and hist first Mama pinata. He was so confused.img_9441 img_9452 img_9460 img_9476

Those Walker boys. They are such great kids. Happy to crack the pinata and finish it off for us.img_9478 img_9483

More confusion. He just kept looking at all the smiling singing strangers. I’m sure he was wondering what on earth was going on.img_9488

Regan blew the candle out for him. img_9491 img_9494

He was super hesitant to dig in. That didn’t last long though.img_9496 img_9500 img_9502 img_9504

BAM! Cupcake 0 Ronon 1img_9506 img_9522

Uncle Josh shenanigans.img_9525 img_9533 img_9545

I was able to hunt down the maker and special order another monkey blankie for him. He LOVES monkey. A spare for washing and in case we ever loose monkey was a must. He was so funny looking at both of his monkeys. img_9547 img_9550 img_9560This was the best photo we could get of our one year old on his birthday. He will I’m sure get use to posing for the camera. Because I’m his Mama and that means he ‘s going to grow up with a camera in his face every single day.

Happy first birthday Ronon Flynn. We are so very happy you are home.


Regan turned 6!!!!

My little dude turned 6. We had his Star Wars themed party on Saturday and went out to eat tonight.
IMG_1623 IMG_1624

We played pin the tie fighter on the Death Star.IMG_1625 IMG_1629 IMG_1630

He requested a Darth Vader pinata. IMG_1631

And Purple cupcakes with Green and Red frosting. He wanted his cupcakes to have all the light saber colors, so he picked the blue stripped liners too. IMG_1632

Uncle Josh brought all his light sabers and the party was mostly just one giant light saber fight.IMG_1635 IMG_1640 IMG_1642 IMG_1663 IMG_1674 IMG_1681 IMG_1683 IMG_1689 IMG_1691 IMG_1704 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1711

I just love this little dude of mine so freaking much!IMG_1713 IMG_1715 IMG_1731 IMG_1743 IMG_1750 IMG_1752 IMG_1756 IMG_1758 IMG_1760 IMG_1762 IMG_1771 IMG_1773 IMG_1782 IMG_1783 IMG_1808

He reads his new character book daily. Jodi did awesome when she pick that out for him. He LOVES it.IMG_1817 IMG_1821 IMG_1831 IMG_1836 IMG_1841Jack’ee and Jason got him an air hockey table. They told me it was a mini one when they called to see if that was okay. I herd mini and thought it was the size of their pool table. Can you see the kids pool table underneath. Green box. Ya, I thought it would be little and cute like the pool table. So I said yeas.

I told them they need to reevaluate their definition of the word “mini.” Kaylee and Regan played on it all weekend. IMG_1844 IMG_1848

Monday morning was interesting. Regan was SO excited to be six. And to pick out a restaurant to eat at for dinner.IMG_1851 IMG_1853

Kaylee “I can’t believe my baby brother is growing up! I want him to be little FOREVER!”IMG_1854She was a wreck all day. ALL.DAY. She locked herself in the dance studio bathroom before class to “get all the tears out” so she wouldn’t cry during dinner.  It was pretty funny/sad.IMG_1855 IMG_1857

Regan chose Red Robin. It’s his favorite.

We only had one mini melt down from Kaylee trying to live in denial that her brother is growing up. She did a pretty great job of pulling herself together. And Regan is use to her birthday tears. This last year she had extra siblings to cry over. So thankfully it didn’t phase him or ruin his day. He gave her extra hugs and told her it would be okay several times today.IMG_1861It was a fun night out with the family celebrating our favorite Regan James in the world.IMG_1859

Stats from his WCC on 11/20/2015:

Height: 3’10.5″

Weight: 36 lb 6.4 oz

32nd birthday

Since we were unexpectedly in Utah for my birthday I got to go and have a visit with my sweet Grandma. Jon and Regan were at the hospital with Jon’s Dad having just the boys time. So we got to have some fun shopping and visiting for just the girls time. Woot!
DSC00870 IMG_0399

Part of shopping was getting me a birthday flan. Do you like my super annoyed mom face? Ya. My little buddy was having a melt down because, 1) He didn’t get to make me a cake, and 2) the cake I picked was full of dairy and eggs. Not kid friendly. This was strictly a grown up dessert. We did buy dessert for the kids and Jon (he doesn’t do flan). IMG_0400

And here we have a fake smile, because I had Regan melting down off camera. It was a happy sad day/birthday. Lots of fake smiling.IMG_0401

Kaylee was being hysterical. She was super happy to be singing to me.IMG_0404 IMG_0409He was truly devastated. My birthday flan was a last straw emotionally for him. Too many big feelings happening too close together. He misses our foster kids, Grandpa is in the hospital, he had to miss his first ever school field trip, and one of his favorite school friends birthday party all on the same weekend. So ya, my birthday flan broke him.