Ronon severance hearing

Court day. Severance of Ronon’s biological parents rights. Which makes it legal for us to adopt him. It also from a legal standpoint makes him an orphan/ward of the state until we get to finalize. Ew. ALL the feelings.

We had to wake baby up from his car nap. Look at his little sleepy face. He was not happy about it.

Got in some Snuggles before he was ready to get down and play. Hearings before us where as is normal for court running behind schedule. So it was a bit of a wait. This cutie had no idea what was going on and was just happy to play and be as loud as possible. SO loud! HAHA! Jon and I had ALL the emotional whiplash though. Such a happy sad day for everyone who loves this little soul. We thought lots about his birth parents. And of course his aunt who was his middle Mom. Letting go of babies you’ve mothered sucks. My heart aches for his aunt and everything she is and will feel with having been a middle mom who lets go for the good of a child. Like I said a happy sad day for all of us. Permanency and openness and growing our family with all of his is good. The losses for all, not so much.

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