The proper way to slay goatheads

If you don't know what a goathead is or have never stepped on one I kinda hate you. Read this info graphic that I kindly found for you. Goatheads SUCK. They are one thing I truly hate. HATE.

puncturevine-4-10-12Our backyard is infested. COVERED in the retched things. IT's bad. SO SO SO bad. We've been fighting a loosing a battle for years. We finally got to the point where we decided to just kill everything off and start over with the back yard landscapping. It needed a new sprinkler system and layout anyhow so we just stopped watering and let the deadly AZ sun do it's worst.

goatheadsEverything back there is dead now. YEA! But walking in our backyard barefoot is just asking for epic pain. Just a few feet result in shoes looking like this. And this in bare feet, YIKES. Like you just wanna die from the pain. We have a strict check your shoes policy, but they still occasionally get tracked inside and some poor soul gets it in their foot. And the screaming, oh, the screaming in pain. And the tears. It brings out my inner Mom rage. My inner rage towards a plant, not the children.

goatheads.1I just really hate goatheads. So I did what any reasonable Mom would do, I begged and pleaded with Jon to buy me a flame thrower to burn all the deadly seeds that cover our yard. He was SUPER hesitant to buy his extremely accident prone wife a flame thrower. I mean, it was totally justified. If you know me, then you know. But, Never give up, never surrender! (Name that movie!)

It was either burn the deadly seeds or spend hours scrapping them all out of the earth before we put in new grass. Um…. burn baby, burn!

IMG_7362So I won (Really practicality won, and I have a brave hubby.), and my flame thrower was ordered and delivered courtesy of Amazon (I have an online shopping problem known as: "I have five kids and therefor never leave the house for other than food shopping.") Amazon Prime is my bestie.

Tonight Jon set it all up and taught me how to use it and not kill myself. He was taking photos and standing RIGHT next to the hose. Because he's brave, not stupid. If you know me, then you know.IMG_7393I found flame throwing to be super cathartic for my inner rage towards my goathead problem. Jon had to convince me that I had enough for one night (because it's 112 during the day and nobody needs heatstroke!) and it was time to put the flame thrower away and go to bed.

Also when I as telling my girl friends about my flame thrower I had just received my super awesome and much loved WW headband (my friends love me and fully support my inner geek) and promised to wear my shirt and head band while waging war on the goatheads. I was too excited to start burning to hunt down my bullet bracelets…. sorry.IMG_7400 IMG_7401  I am seriously so excited to torch the rest of our yard. Burning up goathead seeds one flame at a time is actually fun. 🙂  Bring on a happy safe back yard for my buttmunches!!!

2 thoughts on “The proper way to slay goatheads

  1. Kathie Smith

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story! I had a ton of weeds around my pool, I let the AZ sun do its killing, then took out a simple fire starter and let them burn! It was great! If you need help or company… let me know! <3 Thanks for teaching me the name of those pesty little critters.


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