Waterslide fun with friends

Our friend Jodi has this awesome water slide. Our friend Ashley has this awesome backyard. They got the two together and our kids had awesome fun.

IMG_6816 IMG_6819 IMG_6825

So I am horrible. It’s been decided. Just horrible. I keep watching this on repeat and am dying with laughter. She was REALLY REALLY fine (I could tell from the look on her face). She’s tough. You have to be when you are as klutzy as she is. She does more damage to herself walking across a flat surface on a regular basis (no joke). But still I’m not winning any Mama points for the laughter that erupts from me every time I see this wipe out and hear my friend’s gasp of concern. To be fair Kaylee and Jon laughing right along side me. So there is that.

One thought on “Waterslide fun with friends

  1. Anonymous

    I can totally see it being one of those short clips on America's funniest home videos. I myself can't stop laughing… Poor girl, but SOOO funny! Her look on her face after of indignation you were in MY way! haha


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