A giant ruler

A long, long time ago I dreamed of having a growth chart that we could move around with. I shared this dream with Jon. And then nothing. I saw all these cute kid growth charts that you could buy, but they only went up to five feet tall. Now if the children take after me that's not an issue, but Jon is six two. I really wanted to have a chart that went up to 6.5 feet. And only heaven knows what height genetics our future children may have. I decided that we would have to make our own.

So the years passed, and I never found anything that I LOVED design wise to make/buy. Plus it was all so pricey. Fast forward 7 years. We now have a kindergartner, and I have been taking a daily photo of her. Day two of school Jon laments that we don't have anything to visually note her growth in the photos. I remind him of my growth chart dream, and we promptly get online and look up some options. Low and behold we found something that we BOTH love. For the right price even! (Go here. So easy and so fast!)

We bought our supplies and then waited a few days for Jon to have a "good" day so he could help with this project.  This is something I totally could have done myself, but it was SO much fun doing it together.

026We could have done this project much more frugally, by painting the ruler marks on, however for ease, speed, and convince we paid extra for precut vinyl. It was SO very worth the ten bucks.

027 031 032 Anyhow we've been chatting about how this thing is going to get filled up with our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren's measurements. Happiness.

2 thoughts on “A giant ruler

  1. Zara

    Good day!

    I’m writing to you to ask for your permission to use one of your photos for a school homework. The one photo with your full length ruler. I’m only going to use probably half of it to include in a poster i’m making. It’s not for commercial use and really only for homework.

    Please and thank you!


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