Before and After: Living room

The living room was big white and pretty empty when we first saw it.

DSCF3405 (2)Can you believe that Josh didn’t like the door knobs in this house?! I kid. They were not anyone’s cup of tea.


2011-10-27_19-08-29_106 - Copy (30999041)

2011-10-27_22-42-00_56 - Copy

2011-10-29_11-06-43_515Looking from the kitchen into the living room.

DSCF3074 (2)Josh recruited many family and friends to help paint and stuff. We have the best family!


2011-11-08_18-44-25_531The bee-bee gun for shooting pigeons off the roof.

DSCF3086 (2)I took Kaylee over to the house with me to check on a few things during reno. She passed out by the front door. The next photos are of the mostly done living room. I still need to finish caulking baseboards, and do some touch up painting.

IMG_9066I got this AWESOME shoe dresser from Ikea. Inside those four drawers is a hot mess of shoes. 🙂


IMG_9059My area rug is getting sort of sad…. I found a dreamy orange and white chunky stripped one online that I fell in love with. Dreamy as in it’s just a dream…… Pretend it’s there though.

IMG_9056Looking from the play room toward the kitchen. I think Josh bought the biggest t.v. he could. I was not thrilled with having such a massive t.v. in the living room because I knew we would get used to it, and not be able to go back to a more reasonable size when it left. Jon and I are SO very used to having the giant bachelor t.v. It’s going away to Joshily house soonish. Jon has been eying replacements.


IMG_9057Looking from the front door into the house. Jon says we need more color. I think the orange rug would be perfect……. 🙂

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