Before and After: Hall bathroom

A.K.A The Children’s bathroom. And unless I’ve just cleaned it. It looks like children use, and abuse it.

2011-09-17_15-40-29_175These are the MLS photos.  It’s hard to tell but the mirror went ALL the way over past the toilet tank. Who thought that was a good idea? What guy wants to watch himself pee?

2011-09-17_15-40-41_689I actually painted this room twice. I am not a fan of white walls, but brown is so much worse. In my defense I was trying for a beachy sandy vibe. It didn’t work. Brown walls in a bathroom? Well that color didn’t last long.

IMG_9014SO, I re-painted. BUT it was SO worth it. We went with a light blue. It’s bright and soothing.

IMG_9015We got rid of the monstrosity of a mirror and put in the Master bathroom’s mirror that we framed out. Someday that grovey counter is going away…… And maybe we will get a new light then too.

IMG_9016And because we like house guests I made sure that we put in enough hooks to accommodate any number of guests.  And the sign on the door (saw it on pinterest, but don’t have a source for it….:() makes me silly happy.

IMG_9017The VERY first thing I bought for this bathroom was a new NON wood toilet seat.

IMG_9018Josh was convinced that we would have to buy new faucets for the bathrooms, and kitchen. They looked awful. Turns out they are decent, they were just hidden under far too many layers of goo. Josh thought we had put new ones in the day I cleaned them!




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