Before and after: Laundry “room”

So when we first saw the laundry closet it was a bit of a mess. Not really sure how laundry got done in this space before…
2011-09-17_15-45-49_797The previous owner had two linen closets, and NO pantry. She got creative with her food storage. It was in every closet of the house.


The plumbing needed some love, and so drywall got cut. And since we brought home the wrong drywall it didn’t get fixed, for like a year. Also see those two long stands of wire. Ya, not pretty. 782307625_2777627046_0What’s a girl to do. I cut up a couple of moving boxes and covered them in fabric to hide the ugly stuff. And I LIKE it.


I also mixed up some leftover paint to get the shade of red I wanted for an extra pop of color. The laundry closet was cute and cheerful, and unless you knew that ugly things were being covered you wouldn’t know. Plus it only cost me five dollars and a couple of hours. So yea!IMG_7129

And then about a month ago Jon decided it was time to fix the drywall. So everything got crazy.


Holes were made larger, and dust was EVERYWHERE.IMG_7134 IMG_7135And we finally changed out the light switch.

155And then the “room” after texture, paint and cleaning, was put back together. And since I REALLY liked my sign made out of leftover fabric and a moving box I put it back in there even though it was no longer “needed.”  🙂

007And then my sixty dollar craig’s list front loader bit the dust. Jon pulled it a part mostly because I asked him to. He was all about just buying a new one. “This is what the emergency fund is for Janice.” I was all if it’s just a twenty dollar belt let’s just fix it, and save a few hundred dollars.


It was not just the belt. That was just part of the problem. I couldn’t justify putting 450ish into fixing a machine that I picked up for sixty bucks.

005Jake was ever helpful.

075So the hubby got online and researched to find the BEST machine for me.  Because, “This is what the emergency fund is for Janice.” And I am in LOVE with my new toy.


Holey moley this thing rocks. 18 min to do a load of cloths. Um, yes please. A sterilization cycle, 4.5 cubic feet (king size bedding!), and no obnoxious buzzer. Yes, yes, and yes please! 074All in all I really like my little laundry closet. Someday I will have an actual laundry room, but for now I am most pleased.

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