Purple princess room. Before and After

Kaylee wanted a purple princess room for the “new” house. I knew the children would be sharing so I had a more neutral color in mind. Jon and I always shared a room with siblings, and the kids like sharing a room. So until they get older and it’s odd they will continue to share. This is a before and after of The Nursery. A.K.A the purple princess room.

My first color choice was a shade of green that ended up looking poopy like the carpet. Not good. They (I was still packing in UT.) put one coat on and then called me. We decided that I would pick a new color after seeing the green in person.

I herd nonstop about how great it would be to have a purple princess room. So did everyone else.

Josh said I should just do purple because guys can do purple and it’s a gender neutral color. I told him I’d send Regan his way in later years if I got flack about having him in a purple room. Then Kaylee and I went to the store and I let her pick from three color chips.

2011-10-22_11-41-26_397And here is a photo of said poopy carpet. Literal poop. I decided against posting the dookie photo. GROSS! So this is the master carpet, but it’s all the same. And I am SO happy I missed out on dealing with that beast. They cleaned the cement. A LOT.2011-10-22_11-42-45_316

The room was this pink color that I HATED. And came with popcorn ceilings. So those had to go.2011-09-17_15-44-56_912

The ugly old yellowed switches and outlets went away too.2011-09-17_15-44-31_373 2011-11-11_22-09-54_265Dwayne installed most of the new floor for the house. He’s awesome like that. Pretty pretty floor.


So she got her princess room. But I did it my way. I didn’t want her to grow out of her room in a few years, and then have to do it over. So I decided to make a room that is meaningful for our family and that she can grow with.

I had her grandparents and the Greats that she knows send me a favorite wedding photo for her room. They are her princesses with their princes. AWESOME right?  I also got enlargements of Temples that have special meaning for our family, and those are her “castles”. She has for years called temples “Temple castles”.


She started asking us where the baby was going to sleep. So I told her that her bed goes on top of Regan’s and turns into a bunk, and that the crib would go where her bed was. So she NEEDED us to bunk their beds NOW! (This was months ago.) Her reason being that they needed practice sleeping in bunk beds. So…..011 013 021 026 028 033 067

They were VERY excited to go to bed that night.

068 010They LOVE the beds bunked. This was the day I got them new bedding. They like to lay in bed and chat.


This is our cute crib. Shannon gave it to us since we left ours in Utah when we moved. I had planned on just buying one off Craig’s list when we decided to adopt. Well the deciding to adopt happened much faster than I thought it would. 🙂 But it timed out perfectly for scoring this sweet crib.127 126 123 125

A little princess bling on the plain closet doors. I love all the mirrors. They add so much light to the room.131 132

We have (left to right, top to bottom) the St. George, UT Temple, L.A. Temple, Mesa, AZ Temple, the rendering of the Phoenix, AZ Temple, and the SLC, UT Temple.133And now for a side by side comparison.

BAceilingfan BAclosetDoor BAwallFloorWe like it. More important Kaylee LOVES it. She got her purple princess room and couldn’t be happier.

139And Regan LOVES his mini man cave. 😉

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