Spring festival

The first weekend of this month we got to take the our children with their cousins to a school spring festival. We took them all last year, and were excited for the opportunity to go again.

The children had crazy amounts of fun. Jon, ours, and I were all wearing our adoptions t-shirts. We got lots of attention wearing our hoping to adopt shirts while carting 5 kiddos around. I spoke to several people about it, and didn’t hand out a single adoption card!!!!

I really need to be better about that. I am going to try my hardest to channel my friend Joyce in that regard. She is AWESOME at handing out cards!  In fact last night I had a random chick come and ask me about my hair, then she noticed my hoping to adopt shirt. Well good thing Joyce was there otherwise I would have missed another opportunity to hand out a card!

Back to the festival of fun! This year we did the giant slides, and the older boys did the giant hamster wheels. They waited in line (with uncle Jon) for over half an hour while I took the younger three to three separate things!

092 086 067 057 048We did lots of line waiting.

045She gets SO SO red in the heat. For each ride we would let the children hold on to and hand over their own tickets. They loved that.

038 034 031We ate lunch there. It wasn’t the best, or healthiest meal, but the kids loved it, and I didn’t have to do much so that was nice.

030The hamster wheel photos are out of order, and I don’t feel like fixing them. Watching the boys climb in, figure it out, race, and then climb out all dizzy, was a highlight for all of us. FUNNY!

028 026 023 019All three of these guys were OVER waiting in line by the time it was their turn. Sad for Jon since he waited with them for THEM to ride, and didn’t get to climb in a ball himself. Now THAT would have been FUNNY!

017I LOVE LOVE LOVE my double stroller. This is how we roll with three kiddos. I had ALL five kids extra stuff i.e. water bottles, and three kids riding the whole time. I made a rule that Nathan had to hold on to my running strap. This was to prevent him wandering off, and it WORKED.  We could NOT have done festival day without my awesome stroller.

014 012 003 002 106We ended the day with homemade snow cones. Jon did ONE cone by hand and then decided that it was going to take far to long, and far to much effort to shave the ice the “old” way. So he totally MacGyvered our shaved ice maker to be speedy. And it was! The kiddos thought it was crazy cool.

101Pictures are again out of order. Sorry. Also don’t mind our construction crap pile. The kitchen ceiling needed some lovin’.

098 095A picture of why I am van hunting. 🙂 I NEED a van. Also Kaylee was in the shade the majority of the time, and well hydrated. Poor kid, it’s not even summer yet….

But we all had FUN on our little family adventure to the spring festival.


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