Anniversary and Adotion


Not gonna lie. We are pretty excited about this years anniversary. The children had a sleepover at the cousins house (so we could dinner/movie the night before), and then spent ALL day there playing while Jon and I went to our Adoption Academy.

It was an awesome experience, as well as being super informative. We had MANY questions answered, and gained a greater appreciation/respect/love for birth parents than we already had.

Needless to say we had a wonderful anniversary (Thanks SO much Day family), and are excited about the many adventures this next year will bring us.

A quick photo of us on our anniversary.

When we got home later that night we had family movie night. I took the following photos while we waited for Jon to go back to the Day’s and grab Kaylee’s forgotten meds. I don’t usually let the children get all crazy on beds, but I felt like this was a good way to keep them busy and get some fun pictures while we waited for Daddy.

Jon snapped this one of me and my babes when he got back. Tonight’s show was an episode of Tail Spin. We LOVE family movie/show time.

***Jack’ee do you SEE my roots (how can you not!), I am super excited to see you for a nice long visit, and to FIX my hair situation.***


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