Sista time

We got to go hang out and play and visit with this cutie. I don’t know how excited she gets about seeing us, but my big kids are always stoked to see Elizabeth, Papa Scott, and Grammy D.

I just love her. 🙂

This baby had two sister shadows for the entire adventure. Little mother hens.

You can never have too many Papas to love on ya. Jon got right up in the park and played hot lava with the kids. I sat nice and comfy and chatted with Grammy D. 😉 And took photos. Four little monkeys climbed all over for two hours! My boys passed out hard right after lunch. Ronon tried his best to keep up with the big kids. All the love. <3 Such a great family morning.

Park picnic

We “biked” down to the park to have a picnic lunch and play with friends. It took with Kaylee and Regan under their own power…. But they had lots of fun and got good and sweaty!

Kaylee Like to climb trees any chance she can.

Regan LOVES when we get to hang out with these boys. They are like the big brothers he doesn’t have. Love love love when friends turn into family.

We (ME) are terrible about having the kids practice ridding their bikes. I 98% of the time pop the on my bike when we go ridding. I am 100% the reason they cannot ride solo without training wheels. The future looks grim for baby in that regard as well. I like to go fast (er) and get a good cardio workout in….